Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Happy Valentine's Day!

In the past I have talked about tips on healthy eating and exercise, but another important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is.... relationships.

What is a relationship?
  • I believe a relationship to be a connection you have not just with that special someone, but with yourself, your friends, your family.  Try to make all relationships positive to bring out the best in others as well as yourself.  
  • Listen and respect each other.  Be there for others to support through the difficult times and celebrate success.  This also means that person should be there for you as well.  Balance giving and receiving. 
  • Do not settle.  Know your potential and believe in yourself.  Find someone who knows this, not someone who needs to be convinced. 
  • Talk.  Express your ambitions and annoyances.  If something bothers you, be honest.  That's where listening and respect will strengthen a relationship. 
  • Think about when you are having a bad day, and someone does a small gesture for you like holding the door open or genuinely listening about your day.  Compare this to someone who cut you off the road or started yelling at you in which you absorb their anger and stress.  Be the person to brighten up someone's day.  When you are having a bad day, try smiling at a coworker or friend.  Something as free and timeless as a smile can help relax tension.
I've heard it before, you must love yourself before you can love another.  After graduating from college and joining the many other young adults in trying to define themselves, I have realized this statement to be true.  Throughout my life and career, I have put others before myself.  Take control of your happiness and health; this will optimize helping others.

If you are seeking a special someone to share this Valentine's Day, stop looking, find yourself.  Be your own secret admirer.  Defining your values in life will help you find your significant other, especially when you are not even looking.  If you have found your true love, tell him/her how appreciative you are.  Enjoy those around you everyday, not just on Valentine's Day.

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