Monday, December 31, 2012

Starting a Healthy New Year

Jump into a new year of health!

Tips for setting realistic goals:

Be specific.
  • "I want to start exercising."  How will you increase your physical activity?  Start off with walking 10 minutes a day before your lunch break, 3 days a week.  You can increase the length or exercise in short intervals throughout the day.  Before you know it you will be walking several miles! 
Set monthly goals.
  • 12 months is a long time to push your resolutions aside.  Setting goals each month will allow you to track your progress or set new ambitions. 
Be patient.
  • Long-term changes take time.  If you want to lose weight, avoid crash dieting, but rather aim for a pound a week. 
Accept difficulties. 
  • Expect challenges.  If you have set the same goal every year without success, think about what is stopping this goal from being achieved. 
Allow flexibility.
  • If one day you did not follow your diet or exercise schedule, it's ok.  Small steps will be more important in the long run to make lifestyle changes; toss the "all or nothing" mindset. 
Set new years resolutions that are important to you.  Have your friends join to start a new positive lifestyle with you.  Don't sit around waiting for tomorrow; take the time for yourself and your health today!

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