Friday, April 20, 2012

Prioritizing Yourself

Sorry for the delay since my last post.  Busy schedule: full-time job with hour commute, part-time class, and nutrition education to the community.  Does that stop me from living a healthy lifestyle?  In fact, a busy schedule keeps my healthy choices on track. 

I signed up for the Long Branch Half Marathon (coming up on May 6th) for my New Year Resolution.  This goal to complete my first half marathon motivates me to run at least three times per week.  I learned that on days I feel too tired, even a 10-minute workout helps boost my energy and clear my mind.  Regardless of how hectic my schedule becomes, I make myself a priority.  Usually, I am focusing on deadlines, ensuring perfection, and completing tasks for others, that I cannot even think straight.  Therefore, I decided to practice yoga for breathing and connecting my mind with my body, “me” time. 

I suggest that everyone set fitness goals and attempt new activities.  Get moving!  Try making your overall day more physically active.  Think twice before pressing that elevator button; take the stairs instead.  Park the car at the back of the lot to take those extra steps. 

My top three tips to reduce stress with an overbooked schedule:
1. Make time for yourself
When I spend my days for everyone else, I start to lose myself.  I always come back to the thought, why am I doing this?  It is important to reassess your goals and what makes YOU happy.

2. Keep a positive mindset
Recently I had to do a lecture at work.  Nervous at the thought of public speaking, I gained my confidence by realizing I am my own worst critic.  You are capable of what you allow yourself to be. 

3. When tense, simply smile
Just try it and see.  Plus you may help spread happiness to those around you J

Food provides calories, which is energy.  Selecting wholesome foods will keep the mind and body fueled for your active day. 

Power up during the day:
Oatmeal with milled flax seed, almonds, sliced banana
1% milk

Sip on green tea during my morning communte 

Mixed greens with kidney beans, chickpeas, walnuts, carrots, broccoli, peppers, onions, tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil and vinaigrette dressing
Soy milk

Scoop of peanut butter

Baked eggplant Parmesan with low-fat cheese
Small side of whole-wheat pasta with fresh tomato sauce
Scoop of ice cream
Almond milk

Whole-wheat crackers with cheese
Decaf tea

Note: you will not see any meat in my menus, but for those who consume animal products, choose lean choices and low-fat cooking methods (baked, broiled, grilled, steamed)

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